About postnatal massage

Massage is a wonderful way to nurture a new mum. It can help to ease any aches and pains and relieve the tension and tiredness that is inevitable when you have a new baby. The stress from pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and the marathon that is caring for your newborn deserves some relief. All new mums need postnatal massage!

Postnatal massage can begin as soon as a mother is ready. I understand things like sore leaky boobs and can ensure I work with you in a way that is going to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout your massage. If you have had a caesarean, it’s a good idea to wait for at least 2 weeks after delivery or when incision is healed a bit before getting a massage.

Here are some of the benefits of postnatal massage:

  • Provides relaxation.
  • Relieves tension on the shoulders and neck from carrying your baby
  • Relieves the tension you get from marathon breastfeeding sessions
  • Helps to realign the muscles back to their pre-pregnancy state
  • Helps restore the uterus to its original size
  • Eliminates excess body fluids and reduces fluid retention
  • Tones the skin. I can’t get rid of stretch marks but I can help them heal more quickly and reduce the severity of them
  • Allows you the chance to take some time to nurture yourself. This is important when you are caring for a tiny baby around the clock and adjusting to the demands of motherhood and all the changes this brings.

I understand that it’s not always easy to leave your baby or even leave the house in the early days. You are very welcome to bring your baby with you or request a home visit.



30 minute postnatal massage: $75

1 hour postnatal massage: $100

11/2 hour postnatal massage: $145


Health fund rebates are available if you have the appropriate level of cover.

It can be really hard getting out of the house in those early days and I want to make it easy for every new mother to get a massage. To help mums take this time to rest and heal, home visits for post-natal massage can be arranged by request. An additional $20 will be charged for home visits within the local Hornsby area and can be considered if outside this area.

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